DO Your Venture (NSRCEL - Women Startup Programme 2018)

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Learn a systematic, scientific and iterative process for identifying, evaluating and testing entrepreneurial opportunities.

How will it empower you:

This hands-on, action oriented business and management course will introduce you to a systematic, scientific and an easy process of testing your ideas and opportunities you envision. You will learn the “DO your Venture” ideology, which will teach you common paths entrepreneurs take when launching their own venture. You will also learn the tools and techniques for generating ideas and then test your ideas in the field and gather feedback.

Who will this course help:

This course is for women of all ages and educational backgrounds who have been thinking about starting a venture and not knowing how to do it. This course will introduce them to important ideas and toolkits to start their venture.

Course Number

  • EP101x

Classes Start

  • January 2018

Estimated Effort

  • 4-5 hours/week

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